Steve Muhlberger's

Publications on Other Subjects

On-line essays

2004 --  "Democracy in World History Today" at histdem/dwht2004.htm

1999 -- "A History of the Vote in Canada: A review article" at history/histdem/canvote.htm.

 1998 -- "Is There a History of Democracy?" (with Phil Paine) at histdem/history1.htm.

1998 -- "Democracy at the Basic Level: Government by consent in small communities" (with Phil Paine) at histdem/localdem.htm.

1998 -- "Democracy in Ancient India" at histdem/indiadem.htm.

On-line reference works

1999 -- Editor, Chronology of Modern Democracy: Five Different Views in the World History of Democracy site at histdem/chronpag.htm.

1998 to present -- Editor,World History of Democracy site, at histdem/.

Articles in print

forthcoming 2011-2 -- "Ancient India." Solicited by The Edinburgh Companion to the History of Democracy (Edinburgh University Press).


2011 -- "Republics and Quasi-Democratic Institutions in Ancient India: Their Significance Today." In The Secret History of Democracy, ed. Benjamin Isakhan and Stephen Stockwell (Palgrave Macmillan), pp. 49-59.


1993 -- (in collaboration with Phil Paine) "Democracy's Place in World History," Journal of World History, 4: 23-45.
Reprinted, 1997 in Bring History Alive!: A Source Book For Teaching World History, ed. Ross Dunn. Los Angeles, National Center for History in the Schools [UCLA]. Pp. 200-10.

Book Reviews

2010 - Review of Charles Kurzman, Democracy Denied, 1905-1915: Intellectuals and the Fate of Democracy. In Journal of World History 21(2010): 537-9.


1994 -- Review of John Dunn, ed., Democracy: The Unfinished Journey. In Journal of World History, 5: 378-380.

 1992 -- Review of Donald W. Treadgold, Freedom. A History. In Journal of World History, 3: 267-271.