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Late Antiquity in the Mediterranean

Specialized Sites for Late Antiquity

Compiled by Steve Muhlberger

 If you can recommend a site, please mail me at stevem{at}nipissingu.ca

 Larger sites

More specialized sites

  • The British Academy's Projet Volterra site provides scholarly guides for the study of Roman imperial legislation.
  • Tim Spalding has put together a web directory on the sixth-century rulers Justinian and Theodora and their historian, Procopius. The site includes the Atwater translation of Procopius' Secret History
  • Olof Brant, on behalf of the Swedish Institute in Rome, maintains a site on the still-standing Roman church of San Lorenzo in Lucina.
  • Joel D Kalvesmaki has compiled a comprehensive site on the fourth-century ascetic writer, Evagrius Ponticus.
  • There is now a site for Groupement de Recherches Textes pour l'histoire de l'Antiquité tardive (THAT), a research group dedicated to supporting editions, translations and commentaries of texts from Late Antiquity. 
  • Howard A. Landman's Hypatia of Alexandria site -- a collection of sources and opinions on the famous female pagan philosopher of fifth-century Alexandria.
  • A tour of Diocletian's palace at Split.
  • The Alacami: Excavation, survey and three-dimensional reconstruction of a late Roman basilica in Cilicia (Southern Turkey) by Richard Baylis, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • Hugh Elton, an expert in Late Roman warfare, maintains a Warfare in the Ancient World site which includes bibliographies, syllabi and other materials.  (He also has three articles on military history accessible from the ORB Late Antiquity in the Mediterranean index).
  • Peter Green has an extensive site on the Roman Military Sites of Britain.
  • Suda On Line is a collective effort to create and make available an English translation of the Suda, a 10th century Byzantine Greek historical encyclopedia of the ancient Mediterranean.
  • The Petronian Society Ancient Novel Page.
  • Virgil in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance: An Online Bibliography.
  • Luke Lavan's Home Page includes details of his research on the metropolitan cities of Late Antiquity and links to other resources.
  • Celia Chazelle's Early Medieval Forum has a useful collection of links.
  • Two geneaological sites with Late Antique material: Imperium is an effort to trace the geneaological links between European rulers. The index to Imperium is here. The Directory of Royal Genealogical Data is another site with a similar purpose.
  • Paul Halsall maintains a Listening to Medieval Music site for his students at the University of Northern Florida.   It contains valuable information about ancient and late ancient music, too.
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