Two bibliographies of Late Ancient and Medieval Armenia and Georgia

An Introductory Bibliography for Armenia and Georgia in Late Antiquity

An October, 1996 request to the discussion list LT-ANTIQ for a bibliography on Armenia in Late Antiquity produced a number of suggestions, not only for this subject, but for Late Antique Georgia, too. Contributers included Ian Colvin, Gerald E. Ottenbreit, Jr., Edward G. Mathews, Jr., and Steve Rapp. Gerald Ottenbreit generously provided some corrections and amplifications. Any remaining errors are those of the compiler, Steve Muhlberger.

Additional Bibliography for Late Antique and Medieval Armenia and Georgia

In the summer of 1997, Levon Avdoyan of the Library of Congress offered some additional bibliography, not only for the period of Late Antiquity but for the Middle Ages as well. His contribution is gratefully acknowledged and included here for the use of scholars of the region.

An Introductory Bibliography for Armenia and Georgia in Late Antiquity

Bibliographic Material for Armenia

Thomson, R. A Bibliography of Classical Armenian Literature to 1500 A.D. (Brepols, 1995).

Primary Sources for Armenia

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Secondary Sources for Armenia

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Primary sources for Georgia

Thomson, R.W. Rewriting Caucasian History (1996).

Secondary sources for Georgia

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Additional Bibliography for Late Antique and Medieval Armenia and Georgia

Primary Armenian

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A facism. reproduction of the 1909 Tiflis ed., with an introd. by Robert W. Thomason.

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A fifth or sixth century work also attributed to Moses of Khoren.

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Translation of: Patmutiwn Hayots.

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The work is also known under title: Patmutiwn tiezerakan.

Secondary Armenian

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Georgian Primary

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Georgian Secondary

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