Steve Muhlberger's

Publications on the Middle Ages and Late Antiquity

Updated September 10, 2011


2005 -- (as editor) The Royal Book of Jousting, Hunting, and Knightly Combat: A translation into English of King Dom Duarte’s 1438 treatise Livro da Ensinança de Bem Cavalgar Toda Sela, “The Art of Riding on Every Saddle.”  Trans. Antonio Franco Preto.   Ed.  Steven Muhlberger.   Highland Village, Texas:  The Chivalry Bookshelf.

2005 -- Deeds of Arms:  Formal combats in the late fourteenth century.  Highland Village, Texas:  The Chivalry Bookshelf.

2003 -- Jousts and Tournaments:  Charny and the rules for chivalric sport in fourteenth-century France.  Union City, California:   The Chivalry Bookshelf.

1990 -- The Fifth-Century Chroniclers: Prosper, Hydatius and the Gallic Chronicler of 452. Leeds: Francis Cairns Publications, Ltd.

On-line essays

2001 -- "Fighting for Fun?  What Was At Stake in Formal Deeds of Arms of the 14th Century?" at

1996 -- Overview of Late Antiquity. In ORB: On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies ( at orb/ovindex.htm

On-line reference works

1997 -- Editor, Tales from Froissart, at froissart/tales.htm.

1997 -- Editor, "A Visual Tour through Late Antiquity" (using materials originally compiled by Haines Brown for his "Images from History" site), at 4505/show.htm.

1996 -- Editor, Late Antiquity in the Mediterranean. In ORB: On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies ( at orb/lt-atest.htm).

On-line lectures

1999 -- Lectures on Medieval England.   In ORB:  On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies:  Online Textbooks.

Articles in print

forthcoming 2012 -- "Chivalry and Military Biography in the Later Middle Ages: The Chronicle of the Good Duke Louis of Bourbon." Solicited by the Journal of Medieval Military History.

2008 -- "The Combat of the Thirty against Thirty." In The Hundred Years War (part II): Different vistas, ed. Donald J. Kagay and L. J. Andrew Villalon, History of Warfare v. 51 (Leiden and Chicago: Brill), pp. 285-94.

1998 -- "War, Warlords and Christian Historians from the Fifth to the Seventh Century." In After Rome's Fall: Narratives and Sources of Early Medieval History, ed. Alexander Callander Murray. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. pp. 83-98.

1996 -- "Eugippius and the Life of St. Severinus," Medieval Prosopography, 17: 107-124

1992  -- "Looking back from from mid-century: The Gallic Chronicler of 452 and the crisis of Honorius' reign." In Fifth-Century Gaul: A Crisis of Identity? ed. John Drinkwater and Hugh Elton (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), pp.

1986 -- "Prosper's Epitoma Chronicon: Was there an edition of 443?" Classical Philology 81: 240-244.

1984 -- "Heroic Kings and Unruly Generals: The `Copenhagen' Continuation of Prosper Reconsidered" Florilegium 6: 50-70.

1984 -- "The Copenhagen Continuation of Prosper" (translation) Florilegium 6: 71-95.

1983 -- "The Gallic Chronicle of 452 and its authority for British events" Britannia 4:23-33.

Book Reviews

2009 - Review of Mark Pegg, A Most Holy War. In Michigan War Studies Review,

2009 -- Review of Richard Kaeuper, Holy Warriors: The Religious Ideology of Chivalry. In The Medieval Review,

2006 - Review of Anne Curry, Agincourt: A New History. In Journal of the Society of Army Historical Research 84 n. 338: 197-8.

2005 – “Diverse Views of the Medieval Warrior,” review of Adrian R. Bell, War and the Soldier in the Fourteenth Century, and Rachel Ann Dressler, Of Armor and Men in Medieval England: The chivalric rhetoric of three English knights' effigies.  In H-Albion reviews (H-Net); (not yet posted to the web site).

2004 – Review of Catherine Hanley, War and Combat 1150-1270: The evidence from Old French literature.  In De Re Militari,

2004 -- Review of Alessandro Marcigliano, Chivalric Festivals at the Ferrarese Court of Alfonso II d’Este. In: Sehepunkte 4 n. 5,
2003 -- Review of Duccio Balestracci, La Festa in Armi:  Giostre, tornei, e giochi de Medioevo.  In The Medieval Review under Muhlberger 2001 -- Review of Peter S. Wells, The Barbarians Speak: How the conquered peoples shaped Roman Europe. In American Historical Review, 106: 1430-1.

 2003 -- Review of  Marilyn Dunn, The Emergence of Monasticism: From the Desert Fathers to the Early Middle Ages.  In Canadian Journal of History, 38: 86-7.

2001 -- Review of Peter S. Wells, The Barbarians Speak: How the conquered peoples shaped Roman Europe.  In American Historical Review, 106: 1430-1.

2001 -- Review of Mary Arlene Santina, The Tournament and Literaure: Literary representations of the Medieval Tournament in Old French Works, 1150-1226. In The Medieval Review under Muhlberger.

2000 -- Review of Richard W. Kaeuper, Chivalry and Violence in Medieval Europe.   In International History Review, 22: 884-6.

1997 -- Review of Guy Halsall, Settlement and Social Organization: The Merovingian Region of Metz. In Speculum 72: 831-2.

1996 -- Review of H.W. Byrd, tr., Aurelius Victor: De Caesaribus. In Bryn Mawr Medieval Reviews
(, under Byrd or Muhlberger).

1993 -- Review of Peter Heather, Goths and Romans: 334-489. In International History Review, 15: 336-337.