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An Introduction to this Site

This web site has two main purposes. The first is to expose certain historical ideas and interpretations to comment and criticism by scholars and the interested public.

In collaboration with Phil Paine, a long-time friend and independent scholar, I have been thinking about the history of democracy as a world phenomenon for over ten years. In between other projects, he and I have written a number of short pieces on this topic, one of which, "Democracy's Place in World History," was published in the Journal of World History in 1993 and republished in Bring History Alive!: A Source Book For Teaching World History ([U.S.] National Center for History in the Schools, UCLA) in 1997.

We aim at a book. As a stepping-stone to this goal, we are pre-publishing on the web some of what we have already written. Perhaps our material will be of some use to you readers. We hope in return that you will critique the work, suggest new avenues of investigation, and give us leads to relevant books and articles that we have overlooked. When you are doing world history, overlooking things is easy.

The second purpose of this site is to gather materials that will make the investigation of the world history of democracy a little less difficult. Initially this includes four short bibliographies I have compiled in the course of my own research. I make no great claims for them, except that they may help someone else get started. I've also provided some links to relevant resources on the web.  

Previous visitors to this site may be particularly interested in Phil Paine's personal meditations on democracy and dictatorship.

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Writings on the World History of Democracy

by Steve Muhlberger and Phil Paine

  • A World History of Democracy: Part of a Draft Survey
  • Other essays
  • Chronology of Modern Democracy:   Five Different Views

    compiled by Steve Muhlberger

    Meditations on Democracy and Dictatorship (2007-8)

    by Phil Paine

    Brief Reflections on Recent Events

    by Steve Muhlberger

    An Eclectic Bibliography of the World History of Democracy

    compiled by Steve Muhlberger

    Eclectic is the word, because it's not a "complete" anything. Nevertheless, I hope readers will find these lists useful.

    Additional Bibliography

    Internet Resources

    I have listed here some information sources available on-line, and some links to organizations concerned with issues of democracy and human rights. I've not tried to be comprehensive -- I've just included what I consider most interesting. If it's not here and you think it is good and useful, maybe I don't know about it yet.
    Originally posted on February 8, 1998.

    Last updated on May 3, 2008

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