Tales from Froissart

edited by Steve Muhlberger, Nipissing University

Index of Knightly Deeds

Lord James Audley at the Battle of Poitiers.

The ransom of Bertrand du Guesclin.

Sir John Chandos rescues the Earl of Pembroke.

The death of Sir John Chandos.

Sir John Assueton performs a notable deed at Noyon.

An incident at the sack of Limoges.

A venturesome knight is felled by a butcher.

Three episodes concerning captive warriors.

A few Scots capture Berwick.

English knights seek adventure.

A case of ransom during the English plundering of Champagne.

French and English knights tourney in Brittany.

Challenges fought at Vannes.

The death of the lord d'Anghien.

A French knight and an English squire joust.

The Haze de Flandres leads a foolish expedition.

The French army forces a river crossing.

The tournament of St. Ingelvert and an analysis of the action.

Trickery in the lists?

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