Tales from Froissart

edited by Steve Muhlberger, Nipissing University

Index of  Deeds of Arms, Tournaments, and Duels

This index is to help the reader find tournaments and tournament-like challenges recorded by Froissart.
See also the Knightly Deeds index.
Sir John Assueton performs a notable deed at Noyon.

A challenge is fought before the Earl of Buckingham.

French and English knights tourney in Brittany.

Challenges fought at Vannes.

A French knight and an English squire joust.

Nicholas Clifford kills a French squire who had challenged him.

The life-and-death duel between James le Gris and John de Carogne

A deed of arms at Bordeaux before Sir John Harpedon

The marriage of the King of Portugal and Philippa, daughter of the Duke of Lancaster.

A battle at the barriers at Noya.

Trickery in the lists?

A strategem leads to the fall of Ferrol in Galicia.

A battle at the barriers at Noya.

A deed of arms is not accomplished.

A deed of arms at Montereau sur Yonne.

A deed of arms at Bordeaux before the duke of Lancaster

The grand entrance of Queen Isabella into Paris, and the pageants and tournament that took place

Three chamberlains of the king of France propose a deed of arms

The tournament of St. Ingelvert;  an analysis of the action; another account of St. Inglevert.

The Count d'Ostrevant attends a great tournament in London and gets into trouble

King Richard's tournament is a failure

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