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Formal Deeds of Arms of the Fourteenth Century

edited by Steven Muhlberger

Safe-conduct for the Earl of Murray to take part in deeds of arms with Thomas Mowbray, March 26, 1390
(Foedera, vol. VII, p. 666)

Translation by Steven Muhlberger.  Translation copyright 2003.

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De Conductu, super Factis Armorum
A.D. 1390, An. 13. R. 2,  Scot. 13. R.2.  m. 2.

Rex, universis... Salutem.

Sciatis quod,

Cum Johannes de Dunbarre, Comes de Murreve de Scotia, ad perficendum quaedem Facta Armorum cum, Dilecto et Fidelo Thoma Comite Marescallo & Notyngham (unde idem Comes de Murreve ipsum Comitem Marescallem est calumpniatus) in Regnum nostrum Angliae sit venturus,


Volentes, ad Supplicantionem quorundam, nobis assistentium, securitatei ipsius Comitis de Murreve in hac parte providere,

Suscepimus ipsum Comitem de Murreve, veniendo in Regnum nostrum Angliae, cum Quadraginta Milites & Armigeris, ac Centum Equis, & eorum Serventibus & Hernesiis, in Societate sua absque Armatura, ad perficiendum Facta praedicta (ita quod aliquis eorumdem Militem, Armigerorum & Servientum non fit Proditor nobis, aut Regno nostro praedicto, nec Bannitus ab eodem) in Protectionem ac Defensionem nostram, ac salvam & securum Conductum nostrum,

Ita quod bene liceat eidem Comiti de Murreve Armaturum sufficentem pro se & Factis suis in hac parte perficiendis, secum trussatam, ac Equos & Hernesia sua praedicta, secum deferre, ducere & habere & exinde redire & cariare valeat ad Partes proprias.

Et ideo vobis, & cuilibet vestrum Mandamus quod ipsum Comitem de Murreve, veniendo in Regnum nostrum praedictum, in modo forma, et causa praedictis, ac Milites, Amrigeros & Servientibus & prout in cacteris de Conductu Literis.

In cuius &c. a Quinto decimo die Aprilis, proximo futuro, usque Vicesimum diem Junii, extunc proximo sequentem, duraturas.

Proviso tamen quod idem Comes de Murreve, ac quilibet Militum, Armigerorum, & Servientum praedictorum, quotiens & quando aliquem ipsorum, Villam vel Locum Firmatum infra Regnum & Dominium nostrum ingredi contigerit, huiusmodi Literas nostras de salvo Conductu Ministris eorumdem Villarum & Locorum ostendere teneatur.

Teste Rege apud Westmonasterium vicesimo sexto die Martii.

Per Billam de Privato Sigillo.

A Safe-Conduct concerning Deeds of Arms.
Since John Dunbar, Earl of Moray of Scotland, is coming into our realm of England to perform certain deeds of arms with our dear and faithful Thomas Earl Marshal and Earl of Nottingham (whence the same Earl of Moray has falsely accused the same Earl Marshal),


Wishing at the humble request of certain people surrounding us to provide for the security of the same Earl of Moray in that region,

We have received the same Earl of Moray -- coming into our realm of England with forty knights and squires and one hundred horses and their servants and harness, in his company without any armor (so that none of those knights, squires, and servants are traitors to us, or to our aforesaid realm, nor banished from the same) -- into our protection and defense and our secure safe-conduct,

So that it is permitted to the same Earl of Moray that he should be able to bring down with him, take, have and finally return and carry to his own region sufficient armor for himself and for the performance in that part of his deeds packed with him and his horses and harness aforesaid.

And thus we command you and yours that the Earl of Moray coming into our aforesaid realm, in that manner, and for the reason aforesaid, and the knights, squires and servants [and so on in the character of a safe-conduct]

[This safe conduct] should last from the 15th day of April forthcoming, up to the 20th day of June next thereafter.

Providing nevertheless that the same Earl of Murray and whatever knights, squires and servants aforesaid, when and as often as they happen to enter a town or stronghold in our realm and dominion, be required to show to the officers of the same towns and place our letters of safe-conduct.

Attested by the King at Westminster the 26th day of March.

Through a bill under the Privy Seal.