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Formal Deeds of Arms of the Fourteenth Century

edited by Steven Muhlberger

License to John Holland and others to perform "points of arms" with certain Scots, August 24, 1392.
(Foedera, vol. VII, p. 735)

Translation by Steven Muhlberger.  Translation copyright 2003.

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A.D. 1392, An. 16. R. 2,  Scot. 16. R.2.  m. 2.

Rex carissimo Consanguineo suo, Henrico Comito Nortumbria, Salutem.

Sciatis quod, quibusdam certis de Causis, nos moventibus, Concessimus vobis plenam, Tenore Praesentium, Potestatem concendendi Licentiam carissimo Fratri nostro, Johanni Comit Huntingdoniae, ac omnibus aliis de Comitiva sua, ad omnes & singulos Milites & Armigeros de Scotia, de quibuscumque Punctis Armorum, de quibus ipsum Fratrem nostrum, seu quemcumque alium de Comitiva sua praedicta, durante tempore quo idem Franter noster apud Villam nostram Berewici super Twedam & in Marchiis ibidem fuerit, usque Reditum suum penes Nos, requirent, deliberandis absque impedimento nostri, vel Haeredum nostrorum, aut Ministrorum nostrorum quorumcumque.

In cuius &c.

Teste Rege apud Manerium de Shene, vicesimo quarto die Augusti.

Per Breve de Privato Sigillo.

The King to his dearest cousin Henry Earl of Northumberland, Greetings.
You should know that, because of certain causes influencing us, we have granted to you, by the tenor of these present letters, full power of granting leave to our dearest brother, John Earl of Huntingdon, and all others of his retinue, for resolving  in respect to all and singular knights and squires from Scotland, whatever points of arms, in connection with our brother, or whatever other member of his retinue aforesaid, during the time when our brother will be at our town of Berwick-on-Tweed and in the Marches there until they should require his return to us, without any hindrance from us, our heirs, or any of our servants whatsoever.
Attested by the King at the manor of shene the twenty-fourth day of August.

Through a brief under the Privy Seal.