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Formal Deeds of Arms of the Fourteenth Century

edited by Steven Muhlberger

Proclamation forbidding deeds of arms with the subjects of France, May 16, 1396.
(Foedera, vol. VII, p. 832)

Translation by Steven Muhlberger.  Translation copyright 2003.

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Contra Facta Armorum cum Subditis Franciae, de Proclamatione
A.D. 1396, An. 19 R. 2, Claus 19, R. 2.,  m. 7. dors.

Rex Vicecomitibus Londoniae Salutem.

Pensantes ex Summo mentis nostrae desiderio Unitatem, bonum Zelum, & Tranquillitatem, inter Ligeos & Subditos nostros et Francigenas, et quoscumque alios, de Obedientia carissimi Patris nostri Franciae notorie existentes, praetextu Sponsalium & Matrimonii, inter Nos & Isabellam Primogenitam Filiam ipsius Patris nostri, per certos nostros Ambassiatores prolocutorum, & in animam nostram finaliter concordatorum, maxime confovere, ac universis Occasiones & Mediatas Vias Dissensionum insolitarum, & aliarum Riotarum quarumcumque, nec non alia Mala inaestimabilia, quae exinde utrique Partium praedictarum inconvenienter evenire possent, quatenus ad Nos attinet, evitare,

Vobis Praecipimus, districtius quo possumus injugentes, quod statim, visis praesentibus, in singulis locis Civitatis praedictae, & Suburbiorum ejusdem, ubi expediens fuerit & necesse, ex parte nostra, publice proclamari faciatis,

Ne quis Miles, Armiger, seu alius Ligeus vel Subditus noster, cujuscumque Status, Gradus, seu Praeheminentiae fuerit, per fictarum Querelarum illictus & quesitos Colores, aut aliam Viam quamcumque, aliquem Francigenuam, seu quemcumque alium, de Potestate & Obedientia dicti Patri nostri, ut praemittitur, existentem, ad aliqua Facta Guerrarum seu Actus Armorum perficienda, sub Forisfactura omnium quae nobis forisfacere poterit, petat, exigat, seu vendicet, aut petere, exigere, seu vendicare, nec per Se, ne per Alios Medios, penes eundem Patrem nostrum, ex hac causa, presequi praesumat absque Licentia nostra speciali; & hoc nullatenus omittatis.

Teste Rege apud Westmonasterium, decimo sexto die Maii.

Per ipsum Regem.

Proclamation Forbidding Deeds of Arms with the Subjects of France

The king to the sheriffs of London, Greetings.

Considering with the highest longing of our spirit unity, good zeal and tranquillity between our lieges and subjects and the French and whatever other people under the obedience of our dearest father of France [King Charles VI], which are well known to exist, ornamented with betrothal and matrimony between us and Isabella, firstborn daughter of our father; to greatly foster things about to be spoken of by certain of our ambassadors, and to be concluded finally in our mind; and insofar as it concerns us, to avoid all occasions and unaccustomed divided ways of dissension and riots of whatever sort, and also other incalculable evils which from there may happen inconveniently to both of the aforesaid sides,

We command you, as strictly as we can enjoin, that straightaway, having seen these present letters, you should publicly proclaim on our behalf, in successive places of the aforesaid city and its suburbs, where it will be expedient and necessary, the following:

"No knight, squire, or other liege or subject of ours, of whatever status, rank, or pre-eminence he may be, through the unlawful and far-fetched pretexts of fictitious quarrels, or in any way whatsoever, shall require, demand, or make a claim on any Frenchman, or any other standing in the power and obedience of our aforesaid father, to perform any deed of war or deed of arms, under pain of forfeiture of all which he is able to forfeit to us; nor shall he presume to pursue, either personally or through other means to require, demand, or make a claim on anyone in the power of our father, for this reason, without our special license."

And in no way shall you omit to do this.

Attested by the King at Westminster, the 16th day of May.

By the King himself.