A Home Page for
"The World of Gregory of Tours"

A seminar offered at Nipissing University

(HIST 4505, Topics in Medieval History)

Compiled by the instructor, Steve Muhlberger; last updated, September 25, 1997
This home page brings together a variety of resources, some that I have compiled and others that exist elsewhere on the Web.

Course documents and resources

The course outline (for 1997-8). If you don't know anything about Gregory of Tours or this course, have a look here.

A very basic bibliography (posted in summer 1997 as a guide for students considering taking the course).

A visual tour of Late Antiquity to give you some idea of what the world of Gregory of Tours looked like.

Other useful material on the Web.


The Worlds of Late Antiquity bibliography by James J. O'Donnell of the University of Pennsylvania, who has an entire site devoted to Late Antiquity that's well worth a look.

Other materials

An Overview of Late Antiquity by Steve Muhlberger, from the ORB section on Late Antiquity in the Mediterranean. This long essay is a useful introduction to the period of Gregory of Tours.

An essay on Radegund of Poitiers by Onnie Duvall, from the ORB section on Merovingian and Carolingian eras in Gaul (France). Radegund was an important figure in Gregory's time.

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